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科得代理產品 Qualtek Product Lines


DC isolator s/w 直流光伏開關


LED modules LED模組

 Lighting 照明

Qualtek International Corporation was established in November 1984, during the past three decades, Qualtek has provided the helped manufacturers find the most suitable and high quality electronic components in the shortest time.

Qualtek has been the Representative/Agent for many well-known worldwide manufacturers of electronic components namely CARLING TECHNOLOGIES, PROSURGE, QUALTEK etc., products include breaker, switch, in/outlet socket, power cord, surge protective Devices and AC/DC fan etc.. Our professional team continues to offer new technologies and new product lines in order to provide full range services to our customers.

Qualtek has been heavily involving in various industries, providing products and service to customers in telecommunication, electronic, logistic, textile, yacht, medical equipment, gaming, environmental protection and circulatory system etc., Qualtek was acquired by MARMON Group USA in September 2001 and further became a Berkshire Hathaway Company in December 2007, From July 1, 2009 Qualtek has once again become 100% Taiwanese owned company with the support from its network of affiliated offices located worldwide continues to provide the industry with the best products and services.

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